ONEin3Money Has Launched!

Well, we’re finally there— has gone live, and the launch event is tonight at The Federal Reserve Building in Boston.

As such, I just wanted to note and credit the tools I used to get all the moving parts where they needed to be.

  • FeedWordPress — Since ONEin3Money was syndicating from content partners such as Mint.comJennifer Lane and hopefully others in the future, we found FeedWordPress to be an extremely helpful tool for seamlessly including syndicated content into the site. It’s intuitive, and best of all, works as expected.
  • WordTwit — There are a lot of twitter tools out there, and this was the one we liked the best.  WordTwit posts an update to a twitter account when there is a new blog posting.  Not only that, but it allows one to include (or exclude) posting updates based on the category of the blog post.  And for the client, it allowed url shortening by, which was the client’s preference.
  • DISQUS Comment System — DISQUS was installed to better manage the social aspect of the site’s comments.  It offers authentication of comments over multiple credentials, and links comments and discussions through the DISQUS network.  So far, the DISQUS experience has been great.
  • Events Manager — There are really not that many events management tools for WordPress as of yet, which I find surprising.  Though still a release candidate as of today, Events Manager has the most potential, with Google API integration for Mapping, and a fairly rich feature set.  It was a tough decision, as there are definitely still a few quirky bugs, but I think this tool will straighten itself out to be a very popular and effective tool for managing events in WordPress.

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